Reviewed by Krystal Larson

Gravediggers is the perfect book to read for a spooky night – both girls and boys will enjoy this one. P.J., Kendra, and Ian might seem like stereotypical kids, but the reader will adjust to them in record time. P.J. is the more rational one of the group, asking all of the sensible questions. Kendra acts as if she has seen and heard it all and her arrogance might be annoying during the first couple of pages. Ian is more athletic, almost to the point where the reader wonders if he cares about anything else. The three must ultimately work together to keep each other safe from the sudden horde of zombies.

The book starts innocently enough…until Ian runs after a buck and the group’s problems begin. Kendra and P.J. follow Ian against their better judgement and they end up in a literal race for their lives. At first and even for the majority of the book, the trio do not get along. The reader will be laughing at the humorous dialog and rather spiteful statements. When they find a cabin in the woods, they feel better for a while, but as soon as they enter the basement they receive the shock of a lifetime. In the basement of the cabin there is a skeleton and a bunch of zombies. Naturally, they race out and try to escape, but how long can they run?

Gravediggers is scary and dark and author Christopher Krovatin succeeds in keeping his readers at the edge  their seats. There is nonstop action from the time when Ian runs into the woods until they discover that the forest has even more to offer than zombies. The pacing of the novel was interesting. The majority of the book was fast-paced, but there were times when the novel felt a little out of sync. For example, we meet a very important character at the end of the book. However, every piece falls into place and will leave the reader satisfied. Overall, this novel is recommended to middle grade/teen/young adult readers.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Krystal is a young college student who loves meeting new authors and finding great books! Her favorite place to read is the Botanic Gardens.

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