A World Without Books

by Brad Wirz

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A couple of years ago I found myself in the middle of the jungles of Honduras on a volunteer trip. Working with a group of Americans, we spent the week building a library for the local villagers. At first glance, the “library” we helped build was nothing special, perhaps the size of a typical Starbucks. Four cinder block walls and a cement floor.

But I soon learned there was something incredibly special about this library: It was the first one located anywhere within 100 miles. Hundreds of remote villages, thousands of people, had no access to books at all until that library.

Reading Power

I love to read, and as a reader of this blog I’m guessing that you do too. In many ways, the ability to read and having access to books are two of the most powerful forces on the planet. I’ve always believed that reading is a primary tool of self-improvement.

My experience in Honduras only re-enforced this belief. Without access to books these wonderful people were living a medieval life in the midst of the 21st century.

After my return from Honduras I read (in a book, nonetheless) that close to 1 billion people in the world can’t read, and/or they don’t have access to books. The idea of planting libraries where they don’t exist grabbed a hold of me.

Enter GoneReading

That trip to Honduras ultimately led me to quit my job, end my 20 year career in marketing, and to launch Gone Reading International. Our goal is to spread the magic of reading by helping to fund libraries and reading-focused charities around the world.

We don’t collect donations. Instead we use the power of commerce to fund change. We’re curating a collection of wonderful products for book lovers – what we call “Brilliant Products for the Reading Lifestyle” – and donate 100% of the after-tax products.

Our donations go to amazing organizations such as READ Global and Ethiopia Reads, and I encourage you to check out their work.

Shop & Share

How can you help? Visit our online store at GoneReading.com and shop to your heart’s content. Just as important, spread the word by “Pinning” our products on Pinterest and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Many thanks to Vera and Luxury Reading for helping us to tell our story!

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