god's bankers book coverI have 5 copies of God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican by Gerald Posner to give away!

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About the book

God’s Bankers by journalist Gerald Posner is a fascinating, deeply reported, fast-paced exposé of the money and the cardinals-turned-financiers at the heart of the Vatican. Part thriller, part financial tell-all, this book shows with extraordinary precision how the Vatican has evolved from a foundation of faith to a corporation of extreme wealth and power.

God’s Bankers has it all: a rare exposé and an astounding saga marked by poisoned business titans, murdered prosecutors, mysterious deaths of private investigators, and questionable suicides; a carnival of characters from Popes and cardinals, financiers and mobsters, kings and prime ministers; and a set of moral and political circumstances that clarify not only the church’s aims and ambitions, but reflect the larger dilemmas of the world’s more recent history.

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