Reviewed by Jessa Larsen

Gnomes have typically been a source of wonder for children and adults. People love listening to the wonderfully magical tales of these endearing bearded men who roam about as little helpers as well as mischievous tricksters. Even as adults, many of us hope we’ll still manage a glimpse while working in the garden or taking a walk through a beautifully wooded area.

Readers can dive into the many fascinating tales included in The Gnome Lexicon and enjoy the varying lore from around the world. This artfully crafted collection includes 70 gnomes in all, hailing from a total of 59 different cultures. Each gnome has his one individual charm. Some are clever little tricksters, other happy little helpers. Others still prefer a lone private life hidden from human sight. Either way, join the fun by exploring each gnome’s individual story in this beautifully crafted The Gnome Lexicon.

Marcia Lewandowski definitely went with artsy and unique when putting together this book. She chose a unique font as well as custom lettering and illustration for each page. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and effort put into both the artistic side as well as the research. I also really appreciated (as did my children) the inclusion of gnome stories at the end of the book.

I do have to say that although I enjoyed the unique artsy side of it, the deviation from default Times New Roman made for difficult reading here and there. I found that her choice of phrasing sometimes ended up reading strangely and caused confusion until I re-read the phrase a few more times. I love folklore and mythology more than the average person, but with gnomes…. 70 was a bit of an overkill. After reading about approximately 10, I felt that it was just a re-read of the same thing, worded differently depending on the locale and/or culture. I also wish a glossary/pronunciation guide had been included due to the fact that many gnomes’ names are not English and thus I wasn’t sure how their name should be properly pronounced. I appreciated the effort, but this isn’t something I would want to read more than once as I barely made it all the way through the first time.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Jessa lives in Utah with her husband, 2 sons, 2 cats, and 2 dogs. She goes to school full time as an English major with a focus in creative writing. She likes anime and reads books and plays video games in her moments of spare time.

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