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Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Glittering Promises is the third book in Bergren’s The Grand Tour Series and it was a good read. I do recommend that readers read the other two books before reading this one, otherwise you will be lost. Glittering Promises picks right up where Grave Consequences left off.

Cora Diehl Kensington, the daughter of Wallace Kensington (Montana copper baron), is on the final leg of her Grand Tour with her new found siblings and new love, William McCabe (who is also the group’s tour guide or “Bear”). Throughout the tour Cora has managed to discover what it means to be a Kensington and not have it change her, for the worst. She doesn’t want to be a snob with her money and rely on others to do things for her. She was raised with very little and now has a small fortune to her name; she wants to work to find ways to help others with her new-found wealth, although there are some in her new family that disagree with her.

The grand tour takes the small group to Italy, where they meet some interesting people and learn of the Italian culture and history. Then the group is off to Rome, to explore and learn of the coliseums and Roman culture. During the group’s adventures, they have to dodge reporters, looking for the inside story on Cora and her new-found wealth and the love triangle between Cora, William, and Pierre, all the while trying to evade would be kidnappers who have been on their trail since they left Paris.

Cora’s love for her family grows as does her love towards Will, although she is unsure of what she feels for Pierre (a Frenchman who captured her attention while they were in Paris). Cora is able to grow and rediscover herself as a Diehl Kensington. Nevertheless, she longs for the day when she’ll be able to see her mother and father again in Montana. Along the way Cora faces hardship, sadness, heartache, betrayal, illness, and love throughout the last of her grand tour.

I found Glittering Promises to be a good ending to the trilogy. Although I would have liked to read less of Cora’s doubts about Will and their jealousies towards other people showing attention to the other. Other than that, it was a solid read that will leave readers satisfied. I enjoyed reading about the Italian and Roman history, and thought Bergren did an excellent job of incorporating it into the story. I hope Bergren returns to tell us more of Cora’s return to Montana and how her siblings fare after their return from the grand tour.

I definitely recommend this story to others. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you have read the first two books.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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