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Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Lisa Bergren has done it again with Glamorous Illusions. It is a wonderful story of discovery and finding one’s place in life. The story is full of European history and is wonderfully written. I couldn’t put it down.

Glamorous Illusions begins with Cora returning home from school to find her father suffering from several strokes and the farm not doing so well. The family struggles to make ends meet and care for the ailing patriarch, but it’s an uphill battle. Then out of nowhere, a visitor shows up on their doorstep. The visitor turns out to be Cora’s real father, Wallace Kensington, a copper king, senator and owner of several businesses. Cora’s world is turned upside down with the news.

She is uncertain of her path in life now. Kensington offers the family a great deal by sending her father and mother to the best hospital in Minneapolis, while Cora is set to go with him on the Grand Tour of Europe with her half siblings.

Cora finds the journey to be quite difficult. She is unable to forgive her parents for lying to her all her life, and struggles to fit in with her siblings who do not want her on the trip. Cora finds a friend in William, who is a guide in training. Along the journey she manages to partially befriend her half siblings and meets Pierre, a noble Frenchman.

The readers will find themselves traveling with Cora and feeling like they are there with her learning the history of Europe. My only complaint is that I could not imagine the families of the rich listening to all of the history lessons; I felt they would have been doing more fun things like balls and dances, rather than touring historical places.

Glamorous Illusions has everything from friendship and love, to history and action. I would definitely recommend it to others and cannot wait for the sequel!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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