give your child the world book coverReviewed by Christen Krumm

Some of my sweetest memories from my home schooled childhood was when my mom would gather us around in the living room for reading time. We would be a captivated audience as she read aloud to us. I want to give that same memory and love for story to my children. My mother cultivated in me a love for books and reading. In the journey to helping my children have a well rounded love for books and people, Jamie C. Martin’s guide is my new go-to. Even though my own children are not home schooled, Give Your Child the World is still an amazing resource.

In Give Your Child the World, we are introduced to Martin’s multicultural family—her husband and each one of her three children coming from different countries. In these first few chapters, Martin also gives practical tips and tricks to seamlessly “invite the world into your home”. Many of these ideas costing little to no money. The one main suggestion, of course, being books and reading. With the power of a library card, you and your child can travel the world.

Martin gives a quick run-down on how to best utilize her collected lists which are organized by region and age group interest. Martin also includes notes of any religious/faith mention—another aspect I love as it can also open more in-depth conversation with your children. Peppered throughout the book recommendations are “Global Perspectives” from other global minded families answering questions on how they bring the world into their home (bonus: this gives even more practical ideas for your family!) The numerous indexes included at the back of the book prove to be very useful as well when quickly searching for a book.

Growing up, we all but lived at the library, and as such, I read. A lot. My to be read list is now growing with books I have not heard of (and sound so very good). I am very impressed with the lists that Marin has compiled. With Martin’s practical tips and well in-depth reading lists, Give Your Child the World is a title every book-loving family needs on their shelf. 

Christen is a ravenous reader, wanna be author, Litfuse Nester, and slightly addicted to coffee. Lives in Arkansas with her husband and three mini people. Connect with her at her blog: http://ChristenKrumm.com or Twitter @ChristenKrumm.

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