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About the book (publisher’s description)

Henri Lachapelle wants only the best for his granddaughter Sarah. And that means following in his footsteps to become a member of France’s elite equestrian academy Le Cadre Noir. He gives her a beautiful horse named Boo, and Sarah quietly trains in city parks and the narrow lanes of London. Henri believes Sarah’s horsemanship will grant her access to a better life away from their rough inner city neighborhood. But when her grandfather falls ill, Sarah must juggle school, hospital visits, and, of course, Boo.

Natasha, a young lawyer who specializes in assisting children, is still reeling from her failed marriage. But Natasha can barely help herself–her professional judgment is being called into question, her boyfriend is a let-down, and circumstances force her to share her house with her soon-to-be ex-husband, the gorgeous, charismatic Mac. Yet when Sarah lands fatefully in her path, Natasha decides to take the girl under her wing.

Natasha and Mac are forced to reconcile temporarily while trying their best with the independent and willful fourteen-year-old Sarah. But Sarah is keeping a secret–a secret that will be ultimately be the catalyst for change, and that will have with incalculable consequences for everyone involved.

Romantic and adventurous, The Horse Dancer takes readers on a journey of both heart and hoof, from the back streets of London to a chateau deep in the French countryside.

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