Reviewed by Krystal Larson

Excited for the second book in the Anna Dressed in Blood series? Cas and Anna are an unusual pair to fall in love, but when it happens there is no stopping it. When Cas lost Anna through a door to Hell, he was devastated. His friends are encouraging, telling him that Anna sacrificed herself for him; however, Cas cannot help but hope that he can retrieve Anna. Anna is in her own hell, literally. The reader will be horrified to learn that she is atoning for her previous sins (when she was cursed and a killer). Cas has returned to a mostly normal life, but he still longs for Anna. Can he save her?

The reader will likely love both Anna’s and Cas’ characters. Anna sacrificed herself, both a redeeming and an admirable action as compared to her past behavior. She clearly loves Cas and wants the best for him. Cas returns her feelings; his determination to save her from Hell dominates much of the book. He focuses almost exclusively on Anna. The other characters – most the reader will remember from the first book – are good supporting characters. They will provide some of the background information and dialogue that will help a reader who hasn’t read the first in the series.

Girl of Nightmares is perfect to read around Halloween…or any time for that matter. A reader who has not read the first in the series should take a moment to read Anna Dressed in Blood before starting Girl of Nightmares. There is a constant flow of suspense underlying the plot as well as plenty of action to anticipate. There are not many new developments, necessarily; the book is a true continuation from the first. This book is highly recommended to young adult/teen readers.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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