I always have trouble finding gifts for babies and young toddlers. I recently attended a birthday party for a little boy who seemed more interested in ripping off the elaborate gift wrapping than in the actual gifts. There was a mound of expensive toys and he couldn’t care less!

In looking for kids’ gifts to add to the Holiday Gift Guide, I wanted to find items that are educational and that have the potential to hold a recipient’s attention for more than a minute. And of course, I preferred for these items to be books!

I recently read an article in a parenting magazine that listed tips for turning your child into a book lover – what could be better than that? The article recommended letting children handle books very early on so that they begin to understand what a book is and how it works. In that spirit, here are some adorable books from Workman Publishing that are perfect for babies and toddlers, and that will also be light on your pocket!

Gift Idea #1


The INDESTRUCTIBLES line is made up of beautifully illustrated short books made especially for babies. Better yet, they are only $4.95 a piece!

I had a chance to play with a few of these and to test out their indestructibility. The books are made of paper-like material which is also used in shipping envelopes. I pulled, twisted, crumpled and so on, and they were as good as new and no worse for the wear. These books are also chew-proof, but I will leave that one to the babies! Better yet, they can also be thrown into a dishwasher or washing machine if there is any drool involved.

My favorite INDESTRUCTIBLESMary Had a Little Lamb, Mama and Baby!, and Hey, Diddle Diddle.

Gift Idea #2

The Perfect Piggies! Book and Plush Set is so cute it’s likely to elicit oohs and aahs from kids and parents alike- it certainly got both from me! It’s also a bargain of a gift at under $12 on Amazon. Although some sites list it as appropriate for ages 4-8, the set is marked for kids ages 1+. The Perfect Piggies! book is full of colorful images for kids to explore, and the plush toy is the perfect accompaniment to bring those images alive. Both items come packaged in a clear box, ready for gifting.