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19 12, 2013

Review: All the Summer Girls by Meg Donohue

By | December 19th, 2013|Categories: Contemporary, Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction|Tags: , |2 Comments


9780062203816_p0_v3_s260x420Reviewed by Rachel Mann

Meg Donohue’s All the Summer Girls is a thoroughly enjoyable book, ideal for a long weekend or a holiday—as Elin Hilderbrand writes in the front-cover blurb, it’s a “Beach Book Extraordinaire!” It’s the kind of book to save for when you have the leisure to put your own work and life aside and tear through a series of other people’s (characters’) problems.

Like any good “beach book,” All the Summer Girls’ main characters, Kate, Vanessa, and Dani, each have their own trials and tribulations: men, careers, children, romance, breakups, drugs, failure, secret pain. (And isn’t secret pain always best, from the reader’s standpoint, anyway?) The three are high-school friends who come together again when they are approaching the end of their twenties. They are held together by memories, not just of high school, but also of the time they

16 12, 2013

Review: Starry Night by Debbie Macomber

By | December 16th, 2013|Categories: Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction|Tags: , |2 Comments


51xiAX+yN5LReviewed by A.D. Cole

Starry Night is a sweet, holiday romance from bestselling author Debbie Macomber. Carrie Slayton is the society columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. But she doesn’t want to be. Like most romance heroines in the print media industry, Carrie dreams of being a real journalist. She receives what she considers to be a legitimate chance at this when her boss offers to give her any position she wants if she can obtain an interview with the bestselling survivalist author, Finn Dalton.

It turns out she doesn’t actually have much of a chance at this, considering nobody even knows where he lives or if Finn Dalton is his real name. Carrie takes on the challenge, however, and manages to find him. She ends up stranded in a remote, Alaskan cabin with him for two days. When the two of them fall

13 12, 2013

Review: Perfect Timing by Laura Spinella

By | December 13th, 2013|Categories: Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction|Tags: |1 Comment


2013-11-13-SpinellaPerfectTimingcoverReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Behind every rock star, there is a story that is never told; Perfect Timing by Laura Spinella is Aidan Royce’s. Before he took the stage name “Aidan Royce,” he was a talented yet troubled teenager who lived in the small town of Catswallow, Alabama. He was a romantic at heart but kept chasing after the wrong girls, even though the right one was there in front of him the entire time. Aidan would have given up his big dreams of stardom for true love, but the greed of others stood in his way and Aidan never got to truly have it all: fame and lasting love.

Isabel Lang has long since put her past behind her, though every now and then thoughts of Aidan Roycroft creep their way in. Now managing a radio station that is about to go

19 11, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: A Talent for Trouble by Jen Turano

By | November 19th, 2013|Categories: Christian Literature & Fiction, Fiction to Relax With, Genre Fiction, Gift Ideas, Giveaways, Historical, Literature & Fiction, Romance|Tags: , , , |27 Comments


A_Talent-for-Trouble-jen-turanoPlease join Jen Turano, author of A Talent for Trouble, as she tours the blogosphere with TLC Book Tours!

Enter to win a copy below! Open to US and Canada residents.

Reviewed by Meg Massey

Author Jen Turano continues her Ladies of Distinction series with A Talent for Trouble, the third book in the series. This novel tells the story of Felicia Murdock, a young woman who believes she’s destined to marry her local minister. But when he marries another lady, Felicia finds herself re-evaluating everything she does; from the fashion she wears, to whether or not she really dreams of being a minister’s wife.

Grayson Sumner, otherwise known as Lord Sefton, is a handsome man with a troubled past. The handsome gentleman hopes to make a respectable life for himself in New York with his adopted daughter Ming. In

7 09, 2013

Review: Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain

By | September 7th, 2013|Categories: Contemporary, Fiction to Relax With, Genre Fiction, Gift Ideas, Historical, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , |4 Comments


Necessary LiesReviewed by A.D. Cole

Veteran author Diane Chamberlain’s newest novel, Necessary Lies, delivers the story of two young women from different worlds, but shaped by similar tragedies. It’s 1960 and Jane Forrester, fresh out of college, full of ideals, and just about to get married, enters into the world of social work. She’s promptly assigned to the welfare cases in the fictional Grace County, North Carolina. Upon meeting her first clients, the Hart family, Jane is immediately entangled in a moral and ethical dilemma. It is through this family that she first learns of the (not so fictional) Eugenics Board and the power that social workers have to petition for the sterilization of men and women on welfare.

Ivy Hart, still in many ways a child at fifteen, is sexually active with the son of the farmer who owns the house

30 07, 2012

SheKnows Book Club Pick: Where We Belong by Emily Giffin

By | July 30th, 2012|Categories: Contemporary, Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , , |7 Comments


Where We Belong by Emily Giffin is the July Pick for the SheKnows Book Club!

Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova (Luxury Reading)

At thirty-six, Marian Caldwell has the life she has always dreamed of. After paying her dues as the lowly production assistant on a variety of shows, she is now the creator and producer of a quirky show with a great fan following. Her life in New York City is completed by a posh penthouse apartment and a handsome boyfriend, Peter, who is also the head of the network – and her boss.

Marian appears content and satisfied, and is ready to make the next step with Peter. But her subtle – and not so subtle – mentions of marriage and children seem to fall on deaf ears. Peter is fresh from a failed marriage and already has a teenage son, and

26 07, 2011

Review: Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

By | July 26th, 2011|Categories: Contemporary, Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , , , , , , , |10 Comments


Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova (Luxury Reading)

Jennifer Weiner’s newest novel, Then Came You, is told from the perspective of four women – India Bishop, Annie Barrow, Jules Strauss and Bettina Croft – as they navigate the joys and pitfalls of love and motherhood, and everything in between. A bit reminiscent of Jodi Picoult’s style, each chapter is told from the perspective of a different woman, allowing them to shed their own light on each situation.

Jules Strauss is a student at Princeton; attractive and intelligent, she is approached by an employee of a fertility clinic, who sees her as an ideal egg donor. Jules agrees to the donation in hopes that the $20,000 she earns will pay for yet another rehab stint for her father.

Annie Barrow struggles to raise a family on her husband’s meager military salary. When she learns of

26 05, 2011

Review: The First Husband by Laura Dave

By | May 26th, 2011|Categories: Contemporary, Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction|Tags: , , , , , , |13 Comments


Reviewed by Colleen Turner

When The First Husband opens, we find Annie Adams completely content in her life: she gets to tour the world writing her rather successful travel column; her long term boyfriend, Nick, is beginning to taste success as a film director; her much-loved dog, Mila, is keeping her feet warm. What could go wrong? In the next breath her world begins to unravel: Nick announces he is leaving her for the possibility of a better life with a better woman, taking her beloved Mila with him; she learns her job is potentially in danger since the paper has been taken over by a new owner; the once comforting home she shared with Nick becomes filled with the memories of what they had and what will no longer be.

With the push of her best friend, Jordan (Nick’s sister),

14 05, 2011

Review: Born Under a Lucky Moon by Dana Precious

By | May 14th, 2011|Categories: Contemporary, Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , , , , |6 Comments


Reviewed by Lauren Kirk

Born Under a Lucky Moon is a pleasant novel that acts as a hilarious reminder of how important family is, even if they are crazy and full of mischief! The beginning of the story was a bit slow, as it seemed Dana Precious was giving readers the time to absorb the mini family history before them. The chapters switched between past and present, which I found enjoyable. The notations at the top of each chapter really allowed for the story to remain intact and focused, and not at all choppy.

Jeannie Thompson is a colorful, put together, and successful film executive who lives in Los Angeles, yet hails from a tiny town in Michigan. In spite of leaving her small town roots behind her, the Thompson family is never far from Jeannie’s

29 04, 2011

Review: The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs

By | April 29th, 2011|Categories: Contemporary, Fiction to Relax With, Gift Ideas, Literature & Fiction|Tags: , , , , , |7 Comments


Reviewed by Alysia George

Parenting is all-consuming. Mothers, particularly, often find themselves so caught up in caring for their children, tending to their needs, entertaining and educating them, that they might easily lose sight of their own needs and interests. Then, when their children grow up and move away from home, there is suddenly a giant void that mothers are not quite sure how to fill. The Goodbye Quilt, by Susan Wiggs, explores one mother’s final goodbye to her college-bound daughter and her confusion over what to do with herself now that her role as mother is changing forever.

As Linda accompanies her daughter Molly on a cross-country road trip to Molly’s new college, Linda works on a quilt she hopes to finish in time to give to her daughter as a goodbye gift. The quilt