Reviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

Sandi Holder was working in an emergency room, on her way to becoming a pediatric intensive care nurse, when life took a dramatic turn. Her young son fell ill, and Sandi needed to quickly find a way to earn an income and be able to stay at home with her children as needed. Sandi loved Barbie dolls, and what started out as a hobby evolved into a successful business selling vintage dolls, clothing and accessories.

Sandi is now the proud owner of the Doll Attic store, auction house, museum and a party venue for little girls’ birthday parties. At a 2006 auction, Sandi sold the #1 Blond Ponytail Barbie for $25,700, setting a world record.

Barbie A Rare Beauty is Sandi Holden’s ode to everything that is Barbie, and her passion for the doll is evident on every page. Best classified as a coffee table book, Barbie covers the history of the doll and its evolution throughout the years. While most facts are likely to be nothing new to avid Barbie collectors, I was surprised to find out that Barbie and Ken were actually named after Ruth Handler’s (Barbie’s creator) children. It must have been awkward for Ken (the doll) to keep posing as Barbie’s husband!

While Barbie A Rare Beauty is a fun and informative read, the gorgeous photos of Barbie dolls are the true highlight. Each page is chock full of vivid images of dolls starting with the #1 Blond Ponytail Barbie all the way to the present day, and everything in between. You will see bride Barbies, designer Barbies, holiday Barbies, Ken dolls, rare clothing and accessories, and much more. My personal favorite? The beautiful Caroline Herrera Designer Bride Barbie doll, available on Amazon for a “mere” $389.99!

Barbie A Rare Beauty is an absolute treat for women and girls – women will enjoy a trip down the memory lane and girls will love browsing the pages, even if little reading is involved!

Visit Sandi Holder’s website for more of everything Barbie!

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