Reviewed by Jessi Buchmann

Don’t let the title Get Married This Year: 365 Days to “I Do” throw you off of this book. It’s not just about getting hitched. If you are looking for ways to figure yourself out, discover your short comings when it comes to dating, and figure out why you don’t pick the ‘right’ partners then this book is for you. Being a single dating gal, I recognize that dating has almost become a sport and choosing the wrong potential dates has become a joke–at least among my friends. This book describes ways to avoid dating pitfalls, while keeping a positive attitude and maintaining the course without discouragement.

Dr. Janet Blair Page outlines how to find the right partnership by getting to know yourself and figuring out what you are ‘really’ looking for in a relationship. The book is predominately geared toward female-male relationships but could easily be used by any single person looking for a life mate. If you aren’t willing to be honest with yourself and do the work then this book will be of no use to you.

The point that hit home the most with me was ‘..just as you wouldn’t go to the store without some idea of what you want to buy, you shouldn’t begin dating without a clear idea of what you’re looking for in your ideal mate. It’s time to figure out exactly what you’re looking for by putting together a Spouse Shopping List. Why didn’t I think of it? The book goes further into detail about how to keep your mate once you’ve found him. I know I’ll be applying some of these lessons to my own dating life—shopping list in hand.

Get Married This Year is a straight shooting self-help book that connects with any reader. The read is interesting, dynamic and fast. If you’re looking to get married in a year, looking to find the partner with the best fit or even gearing up to start dating I recommend you pick up a copy.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Jessi Buchmann lives in Beaverton, Oregon and works as a Project Manager. When she is not reading she can be found: writing, painting or wreaking havoc on her house doing home repairs.

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