Reviewed by Michelle S.

Just when Georgia Gray thinks her life is perfect, it all changes in an instant. Her career as the head chef at one of Manhattan’s best restaurants is destroyed after the restaurant owner’s dalliance with the teenage daughter of a major food critic. Then Georgia’s fiancé, a handsome entertainment lawyer, calls off the wedding.

So what is a girl with a culinary reputation in shambles and a shattered love life to do? She escapes to the Italian countryside, that’s what. With a little help from her friends, Georgia pulls herself out of a funk and contacts her former boss, Claudia. As luck would have it, Claudia just happens to be opening a new trattoria and could use one more chef on the staff.

Georgia’s Kitchen, by Jenny Nelson, follows Georgia through her ups and downs, with not only her career and love-life, but also with the relationships with her family and friends. In her travels through Italy, Georgia learns about love, ambition, redemption, and relationships, as well as following her own dreams and desires.

Nelson’s novel reminds me of a younger Under the Tuscan Sun, with the mouth-watering details of the food, and the colorful descriptions of the locations. Georgia’s Kitchen is funny, witty, thought provoking, and inspiring. I could easily relate to Georgia’s search for the right guy and the right life. The only thing missing were the recipes!

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