Reviewed by Jenn Leisey

After eleven hard years on the West Coast, Jesse Barlow is failing. His dreams of a vibrant acting career have ended; with no gigs in over two years, his agent dropped him. The relationship with Jada, his current girlfriend, is just as lackluster: her career is rising as fast as her interest in another man. And to make matters worse, ignoring the symptoms of what could be a serious health problem is leading to random bouts of dizziness and nosebleeds. Grasping for whatever chances he can get, Jesse’s last ditch effort plummets him into a failed suicide attempt. The near-death experience sends Jesse packing for the Ohio hometown he hasn’t seen in over a decade.

Determined to leave the demons of a fast-paced Hollywood behind him, Jesse travels across the country to face the remnants of a life he ran from as a rebellious, 18-year-old son of a prominent minister. As he struggles to rebuild better relationships with his estranged father, former lover, and the son he never knew existed, Jesse begins to realize what really makes life worth living . . . and what he’s willing to risk his own life to save.

An inspiring story about second chances, faith and the power of family, Herrick’s debut novel, From the Dead, is an invoking read due to the author’s ability to craft and mold characters that are edgy and unique. While I found myself wanting more from the plot, especially the last few pages, I was completely enraptured by Jesse’s emotional morph. Although From the Dead had a quite predictable ending, it didn’t keep me from enjoying the book.

Rating: 3.5/5

Since graduating from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Professional Writing, Jenn works as a freelance writer, poet, and blogger at south of sheridan. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, and loves baking, crafting, and anything that requires a hot glue gun.

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