Reviewed by Lauren K.

Free to a Good Home is a light, fast-paced read that any fiction lover will enjoy. While some of the topics in the book are heavy, the story itself is not. Mont manages to include romance, fun, upheaval, family dynamics, change, and life in general and is able to do so without making it seem like too much is being discussed. I finished this book in a day, and it would be a perfect lazy day read for anyone looking for an interesting story that just gets better as it goes on.

Noelle is a thirty-three year old divorced vet tech with trust issues and a big heart. After being left by her very attractive husband, Jay, who revealed that he was actually gay all along, Noelle must find a place for herself and come to terms with herself at the same time. She is a homebody who prefers to stay in with her great dane and do work at her office and the local animal shelter. When Jay asks her to become his difficult mother Margaret’s caregiver, Noelle has almost no reasons to say no.

Things get interesting when Noelle meets and falls for a younger guy, Jasper, who is a musician.  However, Jasper has a beautiful ex girlfriend who seems to be always around. When it is clear that Jasper is interested, Noelle single handedly almost ruins it and then must redeem herself in more ways than one.

The relationships that Noelle develops with Margaret and with Jasper are truly great and both unfold within the story. Nothing is left out and the pace is quick and enjoyable. Mont’s descriptions of Noelle’s family are pleasing, as are her descriptions of other fringe characters in the book. The reader discovers everything along with Noelle. She is a quiet heroine and very easy to root for. Stick through the beginning of Free to a Good Home, which is a bit slow, as the story really flies later on.

Rating: 4/5

In addition to working on her own personal writing, editing Messy Magazine, and writing for multiple sites, Lauren is also currently pursuing her MFA in English. More of her work can be found at goldiesays.wordpress.com.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Eve Marie Mont. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.