9780062345219_p0_v3_s260x420Reviewed by Garrett Rose

Four, by Veronica Roth, is a supplement of the bestselling Divergent series. Now that the trilogy has been completed, holes and gaps in the original dystopian thriller are filled in with the author’s new short stories collection. In this novel, the first of the four short stories Roth has written, the reader experiences seeing the world through eyes and mind of Four, the character formerly known as Tobias.

Roth introduces several new scenes in an action-packed quick read that serve two purposes: this novel is for those ready to begin their journey into the Divergent stories with Tris or for those who finished the series and want to learn about the integral character Four. Readers who are intrigued by Four will understand how one decision of defiance eventually helps revolutionize the culture that dominates society. Four’s one choice will ultimately change his life and the lives around him.

Raised to be an Abnegation from the time he was born, Tobias (Four) is raised by his abusive and abrasive father who sees his son as a reflection of his deceased (or believed to be deceased) wife. After countless beatings and mind control from his father, Tobias makes an unbelievable decision on his choosing day by joining Dauntless, the reckless and fearless faction of rough-and-tough hooligans in charge of being the muscle (security/military) for the society. Tobias was trained to be passive and submissive his entire life, but this choice puts into motion many twists and turns that ultimately lead to Tobias meeting and falling in love with Tris, the heroine from the Divergent trilogy who changes the world. Roth’s latest serving is a taut, fun, page-turner that will keep fans and newcomers alike busy reading.

Part mystery, part diary, and part romance, this journey will entertain readers from page one until the curtain closes on the last scene.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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