{D2D78CE2-1E17-4331-8B3B-E96637D9D5C4}Img400Reviewed by Rebecca Donatelli

Four Friends is a contemporary novel with bits and pieces of love and romance scattered throughout. This is the story of three women, a fourth is added later, that bond together through dark spaces and life-altering changes in their personal lives. Throughout this novel, my heart broke; I laughed and felt extremely close to each character at one point or another. It is full of substance and a great summer read.

Three friends, Gerri, Andy and Sonja, are each travelling through a different point in their lives. Gerri is one who has it all, without any major bumps in the road. She soon becomes aware of her husband’s affair six years ago and her life is turned upside down. Her journey is heart wrenching and her growth throughout the novel gripped my heart.

Andy, the one I consider a “hot mess,” has trouble with relationships and the men she chooses to let into her life. After reading about her past loves, I felt that she was always looking for the wrong things in men – seeking out the troubled ones – until she fell for her contractor without knowledge of it.

Sonja reminded me a lot of myself a few years back. She is the holistic natural one who loves New Age ideas, willing to pawn off her opinion on anyone who would listen…until everyone stopped listening–including her husband who leaves her.

Lastly, enter the new friend, BJ, whom I loved from the start. She has secrets but never lets it get in the way of being there for her new friends. She was a refreshing addition to the story.

All in all, I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is such a great easy read that is relatable and will touch you in some way or another. I love to see strong independent women deal with real issues and this book provided that for me and reminded me that we all go through these challenges and we all can come out on top.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Rebecca is passionate and insane, empathetic and aggressive, loud and predictable. She loves reading, writing, shopping and creating. She is what she is and it may not be what the world wants but it is what it is. Love.

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