Reviewed by Darin Godby

Cole Michael was one of the leading influences in the music industry until his life seemed to fall apart. After the deaths of both his son and wife, he gave into heavy drinking and made the horrible mistake of getting behind a wheel. His error in judgement caused the deaths of a precious lady and her daughter. This event sent Cole to prison for eleven years where he encountered prison chaplain Duke Parker.

Chaplain Parker listened to him and answered his haunting questions about all that befell him and the turns his life took. When Cole arrived at the end of himself, he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and became a new person. In prison he learned and grew in his relationship with Christ; when he got out, he had a choice of allowing success and fame control his life or sticking with Christ who had saved him within the prison walls. He chose Christ and followed His path for his life.

An unexpected twist in the story occurs when Cole meets Jesse, a son he has never met before. While the readers are taken down the tormented road that Jesse faced, they will undoubtedly wonder about the possibility of a great reunion between father and son.

The readers are left turning page after page wanting more. Learning more about Cole’s adventure and how he reaches out to others in need is a heartwarming experience. Without revealing the event, readers will be happy with the way the book ends and how Cole’s life seems to evolve when he understands the type of person Christ calls him to become.

In Forgotten Road, bestselling author Randall Arthur gives readers everywhere a book that is terribly hard to put down. From the beginning of page one till the conclusion, it is filled with page after page of action, adventure, soul searching, honesty, hurt and so much more. This is a book that will impact anyone who desires to read it with an open heart and mind. I have been overwhelmed with the journey; this is a book that I would recommend without any question or hesitation.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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