Reviewed by Garret Rose

Lucy Christopher embellishes in the realm of a spiritual journey in her new book Flyaway. Christopher brings us into the world of Isla, a budding adolescent who goes through a journey of fear, spiritual awakening and retribution. Isla encounters issues such as love, family, and the possibility of losing those who are dear to her. As she deals with these issues, Isla also comes to grip with an ever changing school environment, friends moving away, and the feeling of isolation from her loved ones. She discovers two unlikely friends who become her world away from her worries. This is a novel about the power of love and the power of personal strength.

After Isla’s father collapses, is hospitalized, and fighting for his life, Isla loses herself in her thoughts. With her sick father, a detached grandfather, a worried mother, and an introverted brother, Isla finds solace with a cancer patient named Harry and a lonely swan that can’t fly on her own. Isla’s favorite pastime is bird watching, specifically swans, with her father. After she discovers the lonely swan on the lake next to the hospital where her father is staying, Isla forms an unlikely bond when she notices the swan has a connection with her. Isla escapes from her worries by devising a plan that eventually brings the disconnected grandfather as well as her brother, mother and friend Harry together to help the swan fly away and find its flock.

Written through the first person narrative of Isla, the reader finds themselves locked into her every thought and intimate secret. Flyaway is the perfect novel for a budding reader between the ages of nine and thirteen, but has a message of hope, faith and perseverance that can inspire readers of all ages.

Rating: 4.5/5

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