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Reviewed by Poppy J.

Flavors is small in size, but the story within is a powerful coming of age tale of the main character, Sadie Ann.

Sadie Ann is 12-years-old when she is sent to live with her grandparents in South Carolina for the summer. It is the 1950’s and the reader will be transported back into time with the rich descriptions of what life was like on a small farm in the South. Sadie gets to know her 13-year-old aunt, who is a partner for most of her adventures, and the two girls discover what it means to become women as the story unfolds.

The flavors of life are seen in the moods, family relationships and budding womanhood for Nellie Jane and the narrator. These flavors are also the actual single life events that Sadie experiences and that she later realizes have shaped her perception of who she is and ultimately who she becomes. By looking at the other women around her, Sadie makes choices that help her grow as a person, and eventually turn into the courageous and giving women she hopes to one day become.

The writing in Flavors has a few too many clichés, but the story line is interesting enough to keep the reader turning the pages until the end of the story. I would recommend this story to readers of any age.

Rating: 4/5

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