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Disclaimer: The title and cover art will not make sense until approximately a third to two-thirds of the way into the book. The first book, For Glory, was reviewed here.

Flashes of Glory is Carlyle Hudson’s story as she moves at a whirlwind pace through the casinos of Vegas, an apartment in San Francisco, across the Nevada desert and into the heartland of Kansas, with her little terrier Glory in tow. Along the way there’s high stakes poker, a rich extravagant Arab man, his two ‘harpy’ wives with a mean sucker punch, Lyle’s friends Chas and Roy, rubies, diamonds, and a dead body.

Elisabeth Lee drops us into the middle of Lyle’s life, expects us to keep up and sets off at breakneck speed. As a narrator, Lyle treats the reader the same as everyone else – with no confidence and sharing little information. At times, the facts come across without Lyle relating her emotions, but noting the body language of others to hint at their emotions. As a literal device, I found this sped up the pace, which was certainly part of the charm. However, I occasionally wished that some actions were described in more detail and the ‘why’s occasionally expanded upon.

As a mystery novel, which Flashes of Glory definitely is, this book is unusual in how little detective work is actually done. What is done seems almost secondary; Lyle is not a detective, just very observant and typically mixed up in some crazy situation or another. The wrap up of all the mysteries stretches over a couple chapters, giving the feel that despite being bound in a book, this is not a complete episode in Lyle’s life, with a clear beginning and ending, but rather just a section of her life.

Flashes of Glory is a fast, happy romp which kept me turning the pages, to find out what happens next.

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