fireworks over toccoa book coverReviewed by Alice P.

Fireworks Over Toccoa is a heartwarming story about love, sacrifices, and duty. Written by Jeffrey Stepakoff, who has previously written the screenplay for”Tarzan” and episodes of “Dawson’s Creek”, the book is compelling from beginning to end. This tale of passion and pain is sure to move the readers and envelop them into the mysteries of the love shared between two very special characters.

Fireworks Over Toccoa focuses around two main characters: Lily Davis and Jake Russo. Lily, a beautiful blond, is about to be reunited with her husband, Paul, who is returning from World War II. However, on a warm summer afternoon, just three days before Paul’s return, Lily sees fireworks light up the sky. The fireworks set off a chain of inevitable events that cause Lily to meet the handsome and humble Jake Russo, an Italian working as a Pyrotechnic for the Fourth of July fireworks.

There is undeniable attraction and chemistry between the pair and the instant sparks ignite a fire that no one can escape or deny. Jake is able to take this small town girl and open up a whole new world to her — a world full of adventure and excitement. Lily is unable to stop herself from falling deeper and deeper into this new life, one that she sees herself sharing with Jake. However, Lily cannot forget about Paul and his imminent return from Europe. She married him when she was seventeen and now, at twenty, Lily realizes that she is no longer the same person. Her wants and desires are different than what they were and she knows that Paul won’t be able to refill that void in her soul, not the way Jake can. How can Lily decide between her new found love and her duty towards her husband? Should she follow her heart or her mind? With the pressures of society and the tugs of her own desires, Lily’s choice is sure to shock everyone, including herself.

Jeffrey Stepakoff brilliantly enchants the reader through his descriptive words and enthralling ideas. The reader is able to live in the moment and share in the special moments experienced by the two lovers. Fireworks Over Toccoa is impossible to put down till the last word. The book is able to give a realistic impression of how things were in 1945 and one cannot help but be absorbed into the novel. This beautiful love story is indeed a must read for everyone!

Alice, a.k.a. Sunny, is a full time student at LakeLand College. She is originally from India, but has been traveling the world with her mom and sister ever since she was two.

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