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Reinhardt and Lillian decide to move their family from Russia to America in order to avoid the mandatory military service for their oldest son, Henrik. Reinhardt’s step-brother, Eli, decides to go with them and they all set out together across the ocean.

While on the open seas, sickness attacks several passengers of the ship and claims the life of Lillian’s husband. At the same time, one of her children dies from an accidental fall and she is left wondering about how to go one with her life. Henrik feels that the deaths are his fault since they were only on that ship because they were fleeing Russia for him. Meanwhile, Eli proposes marriage as a matter of propriety and although Lillian accepts, she is still mourning the death of Reinhardt.

During the course of their journey across the American plains, they all learn about offering grace to those around them, while at the same time searching for and seeking grace for themselves. Eli has childhood scars he has to heal from, but he is as open and giving as any man could be to his “brother’s” family. Lillian struggles with showing grace to her children in their mourning, but also struggles with the peace within herself as she grows to love Eli in a way she never thought possible.

Can they each learn to find grace out on the open prairie with no other Mennonite villagers near them for help and guidance? How will they handle the devastating losses that come from farming in Kansas? What will they do when the others arrive in the spring?

Kim Vogel Sawyer’s Fields of Grace will be truly touching for any reader. She dealt with many of the natural “human” feelings that we all struggle with from time to time, but in a way that seemed comforting and encouraging. Regardless of your situation in life, you can easily glean something about giving and receiving grace from this novel. I’m not normally a fan of Amish/Mennonite stories, but this one truly grabbed me from the beginning and had me till the very last page!

Amanda lives in Missouri with her engineering husband and two boys. In between homeschooling and keeping up with church activities she loves to read Christian Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and any Chick-Lit. She never goes anywhere without a book to read!

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