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6 04, 2017

Review: My Not So Perfect Life by Sophia Kinsella

By | April 6th, 2017|Categories: Comedy, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , , |6 Comments


my not so perfect life book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Small-town girl Katie Brenner is struggling to make it on her own in London, living in a tiny apartment with strange roommates and struggling to make ends meet. She can’t help but envy her beautiful and put-together boss, Demeter Farlowe. Demeter seems to have it all–the great job, the perfect family and the most beautiful home and clothing. Katie works hard to prove herself to her office mates and to Demeter, and is devastated when Demeter suddenly fires her.

Coincidentally, Katie’s father and stepmother ask for her help in establishing their new glamping vacation business at their farm in Somerset. While Katie dreams of finding a new job, at the moment, she’s desperate to get away from the city and her troubles there.

14 03, 2017

Review: Sweet Lake by Christine Nolfi

By | March 14th, 2017|Categories: Comedy, Family Life, Genre Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Series, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , , , |4 Comments


sweet lake book coverReviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

Hold on to your hats! If you don’t, it’ll surely be blown away by the eccentric batch of nutty older ladies known as the Sirens. (Nothing wrong with being a nutty older lady – I am one myself, after all) but this batch is particularly concerned (read: nosy) and active (read: fantasy-oriented), although their intentions are always good. Their motto is ‘Do kindness in secret’.

The Wayfair is a resort hotel on a lake in Mid-Southern Ohio, having been in the same family since its inception in the previous century. It has been handed down to the only child throughout its history and always a son, as the family was not very prolific until the most recent generation, which has produced a son Freddie, and a daughter Linnie.

8 01, 2017

Review: The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

By | January 8th, 2017|Categories: Comedy, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , |5 Comments


bookshop on the corner book coverReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

After life throws a curve ball at Nina’s professional career, she finds herself carving out a new path. On an impulse, Nina purchases an old van and transforms it into a mobile bookshop. Nina sets out with a new career in a small Scottish town, making connections with people through book recommendations and exploring new romantic relationships in Jenny Colgan’s The Bookshop on the Corner.

Nina was a character I could easily identify with; I’ve held jobs at two different bookstores, a library, and now I freelance edit for independent authors. Stocking a small van with books that I’m passionate about and sharing them with eager readers seems like it would be rather enjoyable.

7 01, 2017

Review: Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom by Jennifer McCoy Blaske

By | January 7th, 2017|Categories: Comedy, Genre Fiction, Literature & Fiction|Tags: , , |4 Comments


wedding musician mom book coverReviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

I wanted to like Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom. Really, I did. I love classical music and it has been a major part of my long life. I knew I was in trouble, however, on page 15 as the female protagonist opened her ‘yellow Schemer edition of Chopin’s preludes’. Every piano or other music student would immediately recognize a Schirmer’s Library edition, with the black scroll work on its yellow cover.

Against my better judgement, I persisted in continuing to read. I actually  made it to page 63 of 189, before abandoning the project. What an abysmal mess! Eegads. 

28 11, 2016

Review: Recipe for Love by Katie Fforde

By | November 28th, 2016|Categories: Comedy, Literature & Fiction, Romance|Tags: , |1 Comment


recipe for love book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Chef Zoe Harper has won the opportunity to compete in a new cooking show. Zoe dreams of owning her own deli, and believes that winning the show could bring her closer to achieving her goals. But upon arriving to begin filming, she encounter Gideon Irving, one of the judges for the competition. Against her better judgment and despite their awkward first encounter, she finds herself falling for him. She’s also forced to contend with Cher, another contestant that takes competition to a whole new level with her petty jealousy and sabotage. Will Zoe be able to stay away from Gideon and keep her eye on the prize? Or will she risk everything to take a chance on love?

26 11, 2016

Review: Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

By | November 26th, 2016|Categories: Comedy, Genre Fiction, Holidays, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , , |1 Comment


miracle on 5th avenue book coverReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Right from the moment Eva Jordan stepped into the scene in Sarah Morgan’s Miracle on 5th Avenue, I knew I was going to be utterly enchanted by this book. I noticed a lot of similarities between myself and Eva—we’re both hopeless romantics, often say things without thinking them through first, and have a thing for broody men.

Thriller writer Lucas Blade wants one thing this holiday season: to grieve the anniversary of his wife’s death and to finally get started on his next bestseller before his deadline runs out. He has no interest in Christmas trees or decorations, but his well-meaning grandmother has other intentions when she hires Eva to brighten up his penthouse.

27 10, 2016

Review: Wedding Bell Blues by Ruth Moose

By | October 27th, 2016|Categories: Amateur Sleuths, Comedy, Genre Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Romance, Series|Tags: , , , |2 Comments


wedding bell blues book coverReviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

Southern small town girl returns home after a broken romance in her second home location in the North. Okay, we can understand that. Beth McKenzie returns to Littleboro after the grandmother who’d raised her – Mama Alice – fell down the basement stairs and never recovered. Beth decided to make the family home into a B & B – The Dixie Dew – and after serious renovations (thanks to her new-found, romantic, contractor-friend Scott) she opens for business. Her devoted second in command is Ida Plum Duckett, and seemingly no conversation between them is complete without a mention of Mama Alice.

In the first book of this series, her first guest dies suddenly. Wedding Bell Blues is the second in the series, and we’re being set up for it to happen again.

11 08, 2016

Blog Tour: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

By | August 11th, 2016|Categories: Comedy, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , |4 Comments


the hating game book coverPlease join Sally Thorne, author of The Hating Game, as she tours the blogosphere with TLC Book Tours

Reviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

Choosing a book to review can be a very tricky business. Sometimes you’re tickled out of your mind by a wonderful book, and the next one may prompt you to think you’ve lost your mind entirely. Sometimes they start out one way and make a U-turn to go in the other. It’s seldom guaranteed, especially with a first-time author.  I didn’t quite know what I was getting into with this book, but…

Like many books, the first third inspires you to want to throw it against the wall. But if you hang in, you may be rewarded by a turn around that will make you laugh and/or cry (in the appropriate places, that is) and you’ll be happy you read the entire thing.

8 07, 2016

Review: Meternity by Meghann Foye

By | July 8th, 2016|Categories: Comedy, Contemporary, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction|Tags: , , , , |5 Comments


meternity book coverReviewed by Poppy Johnson

Meternity is a very interesting story. Our main character, Liz, has to pretend to be pregnant just to get some well-deserved flexibility at her job. The women who have children seem to be favored and are allowed to leave on time, while everyone else works overtime without pay, recognition or even gratitude from the boss. Single women, especially, are expected to stay long hours, pick up everyone else’s slack, and gently put their life on pause for the good of the team.

Liz works at a magazine called Patty Cakes that caters to new moms. Her circle of friends includes Ford, Addison, and Brie (A & B). She also has a few enemies, like her bosses Cynthia and Alix. Liz tries to get ahead at her job and envies the moms. An accidental lie about being pregnant results in her leading a double life–faking her pregnancy with a cloth baby bump by day, and looking for a PH (read: Potential Husband) in New York’s bars with her pals by night.

20 06, 2016

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Love & Friendship by Whit Stillman

By | June 20th, 2016|Categories: Comedy, Genre Fiction, Giveaways, Historical, Humor & Entertainment, Literature & Fiction, Romance|Tags: , , , , , , |10 Comments


love & friendship book coverWelcome to the Janeite Blog Tour of Love & Friendship by Whit Stillman!

Enter to win one of three hardcover copies of the book below–and visit the rest of the blog tour stops for more chances to win!

About the book

Whit Stillman has taken Austen’s never-finished epistolary novella, Lady Susan, reimagined it as a straight narrative, and added the hilarious new character of Rufus, Susan’s apologist nephew, who aims to clear Susan’s good name come hell or high water (even if he is doing it from “the ignoble abode” of debtors’ prison ). Despite many indications to the contrary, Rufus insists that Susan is, “the kindest, most delightful woman anyone could know, a shining ornament to our Society and Nation.” Rufus then appends his earnest tale with a collection of his aunt’s letters, which he claims have been altered by Austen to cast the estimable Lady Susan in a bad light.