Reviewed by Al H.

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear examines the fear in our lives. In all our lives. Even if you don’t think of yourself as fearful, you will see yourself in some of the chapters. For instance, most, if not all, parents have the “Fear of Not Protecting My Kids” as shown in chapter 5. With all the crime on television, many of us have the “Fear of Violence” from chapter 8. These are just two examples to show how fear can infect us.

It surrounds us. It’s part of our daily lives. In a world where we’re examined with X-ray machines in airports to ensure that we’re not terrorists and where every stranger holds potential danger, it’s perfectly natural to fear. Max Lucado, the author of Fearless, doesn’t deny that fear. He doesn’t belittle it. He points out how common it is.

Lucado shows that the fear is natural. The fear of not mattering. The fear of overwhelming challenges. The fear that God is not real. And the others. He shows that everyone is affected by showing how the apostles faced the same fears that we do. And, he shows how they endured and triumphed and how we can do the same.

He doesn’t make light of our fear (or us for fearing). And, more importantly, he doesn’t proposed some half-baked idea as a quick fix. Instead, Lucado shows how Christ helped his apostles overcome their fears. And how, with time, patience and a faith in Christ, we can overcome ours.