Reviewed by Megan Saldecki

Daire Santos just wants to be normal. Between her mom dragging her off to exotic locales for her Hollywood makeup artist job and the fact that Daire has weird episodes where time seems to stop and strange, glowing people appear, Daire struggles to find the normalcy she wants.

And when Daire has a mental breakdown, her mom decides it’ll be a good idea to ship her off to stay with a grandmother she has never met in Enchantment, New Mexico.

Things get even crazier for Daire when her grandmother tells her that she’s a Soul Seeker – someone who can navigate between the Lower, Upper, and Middle worlds – and that she must learn how to develop and use her powers against people who are determined to steal them.

And when the gorgeous Dace enters the picture, Daire must learn the difference between his good soul and his twin’s evil one and find out if she and Dace are destined to be together – or against each other.

The synopsis for Alyson Noel’s Fated is not a particularly unique one, but it sounded interesting all the same. I’ve never read anything by Noel, and I was eager to try her new series. And after a love-hate relationship with Fated, I came out feeling neutral about it.

Daire Santos did not particularly stand out for me. She’s the type of character that I will quickly forget about, though I did enjoy her nonetheless. She was pretty brave when faced with some of the problems that were thrown at her in Fated and I admire her because of it.

There wasn’t as much romance as I expected. I was surprised that there wasn’t really a love triangle and liked this fact very much, as it is one of the most overdone plot lines in young adult literature.

The synopsis did not do the plot justice and it was actually more unique. However, there were too many slow parts, and I found myself growing bored and just wanting the book to be over. It would then get interesting again for a chapter or two, before becoming boring once again.

One thing I did enjoy about Fated was Daire’s abilities. She could move things around by telekinesis and could sync her mind to any animal’s so that she may almost “become” them. This was very interesting and very well done.

Overall, I most likely wouldn’t recommend Fated to anyone. While there were some parts that were well done, most of the book just fell flat for me.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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Meghan is a 18-year-old book blogger. She likes to read and write in her spare time and would like to become a published author one day. She plans on going to college soon.

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