Reviewed by Alice L.

When Family Comfort Favorites by Kim Warren arrived in my mailbox, I could not help but notice how appropriate the cover of the cookbook appeared for its title. The author is smiling wide against an earthy-colored kitchen background – it screamed homemade comfort food to me immediately.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I was eager to investigate what this cookbook had to offer and it turned out that the inside matched the title just as much as the outside. There is nothing “dolled up” or fancy about the recipes, and instead the focus is on delicious comfort foods. At the end of the cookbook, Kim Warren placed a collage of her family photos, including some old black and white photos. To me, an old picture of a grandparent when they were young is the epitome of family comfort.

The first thing I noticed when I started going through the recipes in Family Comfort Favorites was how big the print was. I have pretty good eyesight (with the help of my contact lenses), but there were so many times that I wished the print were larger when I was in the kitchen making food.  When you are mixing in ingredients while trying to follow the steps of a recipe, the small font can quickly become very frustrating.

Family Comfort Favorites not only offers a huge picture of what the finished dish is supposed to look like, but it also provides small step-by-step pictures so that the reader can easily follow the recipes.  In addition, Kim Warren’s recipes use simple ingredients (the kind that you normally have in your pantry), and her steps are short and simple as well.

I made Garlic Herb Bread from Family Comfort Favorites to go with a pasta dish and it was absolutely delicious. I will never buy the store-boxed frozen garlic bread again.  Family Comfort Favorites by Kim Warren is the perfect cookbook if you are looking for recipes to make on a week night – something simple, easy, and tasty.

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Alice is a former city girl who now resides in an Ohio suburb with her husband (and college sweetheart) Justin and their busy toddler, Amelia. She is a stay-home-mom and when she is not chasing her daughter, she enjoys cooking, reading, and little bit of retail-therapy.

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