false convictions book coverReviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

Casey Jordan, an attorney made famous by scandalous cases and a Lifetime movie, is tapped by billionaire Robert Graham for the well-funded Freedom Project. The deal seems simple enough: Casey will serve as the defense attorney on a few high profile cases a year in exchange for a $1 million annual donation to her legal clinic. Robert and his team cater to her every request as she takes on her first case involving a 20 year old rape and murder of a college student. Dwayne Hubbard, according to his mother and Robert, was given a quick and shoddy trial and wrongly convicted.

With Casey on the hunt to overturn the verdict, TV news journalist Jake Carlson arrives in town to interview Robert and report on the work of the Freedom Project. Given the opportunity to interview Casey instead, Jake shares his doubts about Robert and his intent to uncover Robert’s not so virtuous dealings. Unphased, Casey gets the DNA evidence that proves Dwayne’s innocence, masterfully “convinces” the judge to throw out the old verdict and prepares to return home in a blitz of publicity over a job well done. Or was it? Casey finds out soon enough that even hard facts may be misleading and is thrown into a tailspin attempt to discover Robert’s true intentions, with Jake by her side.

False Convictions is Tim Green’s third novel featuring Casey Jordan, but it was my first introduction to both the author and the main character (I would have never guessed that it was a third novel since it held up so well on its own). Despite the instant plot giveaways courtesy of the title and the cover art, the novel was very fun to read and kept me sufficiently entertained on a long plain ride. Casey’s character was appealing in her struggle to champion the rights of the underprivileged and right whatever wrongs were inflicted upon them. The plot could have been more fleshed out, but Green stirred in just the right amounts of suspense, romance, sexual tension and intrigue to keep the pages turning.

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