falling jane green book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Emma Montague left her upper crust family in England to pursue her own life and success as a banker in New York. But several years later, after becoming burnt out by her fast-paced job and a number of failed relationships, Emma is ready for a change. Armed with a severance package after “retiring” from her job, she moves to the seaside town of Westport, Connecticut.

Taking a beach cottage that needs some work, Emma resolves to fix up her new home and figure out what she wants next. She’s intrigued by her new landlord Dominic, and finds herself taken in by his charm, honesty and integrity. Everyone they know tells them they are perfect together, but Emma is hesitant. They are from two completely different worlds, and Dominic’s son Jesse seems unsure of her. And when someone from Dominic’s past threatens their relationship, will everything fall apart?

Author Jane Green weaves a brilliant story in her latest novel, Falling. Despite their differences, it’s easy to see why Emma falls for Dominic. His character is sure of himself, unfailingly honest, and devoted to those he loves. And while Emma certainly has her flaws, she is a well-developed, relatable character that’s simply trying to find out what she wants in her life. Supporting characters like Emma’s friend Sophie and her parents add warmth, humor and color to the story.

I will admit that I was devastated by a plot twist toward the end of this novel, but Green ends things on a high note for Emma, as she learns who and what is really important to her.

If you love a good romance or a coming of age story, this is definitely worth a read. I devoured this book in two days!

Meg lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Ryan. Library professional by day, freelance writer by night, Meg writes about life, entertainment and everything in between.

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