Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova

With a broken-off engagement and New England behind her, Andrea (Andi) Cutrone picks up the pieces by moving to Long Island, where she grew up. With a new job as a writing professor at SUNY Brooklyn and new friends, Andi is eager to live the life of a sophisticated New Yorker she longed for in New England.

At a cocktail party in the city, Andi spots the gorgeous Devin and is shocked to learn that he is an escort who services half of the female professors in the area. She is intrigued, slightly flattered by his attention, but also embarrassed of her feelings, vowing that she’d never be one of his clients. Nevertheless, before she knows it, Andi proposes an arrangement: she will teach Devin how to write if he teaches her how to please a man. Surprisingly, he agrees.

Their lessons begin innocently enough, but soon bring up an emotional maelstrom that neither expected. Andi and Devin deal with issues surrounding their self worths, their definitions of beauty, and the childhood scars that affect who they are today, teaching each other much more than they bargained for.

I found Faking It by Elisa Lorello (who is a professor herself) a bit daring in its subject matter, since male escorts are not exactly socially accepted or often talked about. However, Lorello managed to take any unpleasant associations out of Andi’s and Devin’s relationship, making it easy to root for them despite their flawed beginnings.

If you think Faking It is your typical love story, it’s not, but giving away any more details would ruin the ending. That said, it was the ending that dampened my initially enthusiastic feelings about this book. It felt rushed and unsatisfying, and I wasn’t even that interested in finding out how Andi’s story would wrap up. Then again, it’d be hard for any story line to live up to the fireworks that were Andi and Devin.

Rating: 3/5

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