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Review of Faefever – Book Three – by Jennifer J. (check out our reviews of Darkfever and Bloodfever)

After MacKayla Lane sees her employer and educator-in-all-things-Fae Jericho Barrons step through a Fae Hallow covered in blood and carrying a dead woman, she decides he absolutely cannot be trusted. Against Jericho’s desires, MacKayla flirts with the idea of teaming up with two very unlikely alliances: Detective Jayne, who has been trailing her since his brother-in-law, the Detective who had been assigned Alina’s murder case was found dead clutching a piece of paper with MacKayla’s name on it; and V’lane, the Fae prince who offers her Alina back if she will help him get his hands on the Sinshar Dubh, a Fae Hallow written by the Seelie King himself.

As Halloween draws near, ancient rituals must be performed to keep the thin wall between Faery and the human world from crashing down. For just this night, enemies who are fighting for the same cause must set aside their differences and work together. But the Fae who have been taking over Dublin have their own plans, and MacKayla and her friends might be too late to stop them. Who will be left standing the day after Samhain?

[amazonify]0440244390[/amazonify]I have been hooked on this series since reading Darkfever, the first book in Karen Marie Moning’s Fae series, and Faefever was by far the most addictive in the series thus far. MacKayla has come a long way since the first book; she has become hardened, independent, and cunning. There is nothing new revealed about Jericho except for a few tiny pieces of information. MacKayla puts him through a few small tests to try and determine who–or what–he is. I find these scenes lightly humorous, and a welcome insertion between all the moments of pure chaos. I still don’t know what Jericho is, but I think now I have a pretty good guess and I’m just waiting for the big reveal.

Faefever has tested MacKayla in all sorts of ways: strength, courage, loyalty, and human desires. I was in shock by the last page. Karen Marie Moning has a definite end goal in sight for this story, and I am just in awe at the choices she made as an author. This series just keeps getting better and better!

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Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English. She occasionally dabbles with her own fiction writing, particularly with the Young Adult and Paranormal genres. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and daughter.

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