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People finally do come with an instruction manual! That’s the impression the reader comes away with after reading his/her copy of Everyday Astrology. Goldschneider has taken the ancient art of astrology, added a dash of modern psychology, and has presented the information in a “how to” format. The focus is not narcissistic. Instead, the reader is guided to learning how to deal with the other 11 sun signs in a wide range of scenarios.

Readers can get real world advice on how to ask a Taurus boss for a raise. Business persons are given insight in the best way to give bad news to a Cancer client. Want to make sure your first date with a Leo is a success? Goldschneider can tell you how. Divorcing a Libra and want to know how to proceed? Goldschneider’s advice will walk you through the minefield. And, parents finally have a map to raising a healthy and successful Aquarian child.

A celebrated author of spiritual guidance in the realms of astrology, numerology, and psychic intuition, Gary Goldschneider presents his 40 years of study in a “user friendly format.” Everyday Astrology promises to be the most consulted reference manual on bookshelves across the world.

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