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Written by Meg M.

Last night’s episode of The Event found Sean racing to get to Leila, and the President struggling to understand an enemy he cannot see.

Leila’s captors have moved her to a dark basement in a suburban home. When Carter drops a beer bottle on the floor, Leila recovers a piece of glass he missed, using it to attempt to cut the ropes that bind her.

Sean and Collier have managed to escape, and are on the run attempting to find Vicky, their only connection to Leila at this point. Using the aliases that they knowhe , and hacking in to a government database, they discover that Vicky paid a mortgage on a home in Texas. When they arrive at suburban home, we expect them to open the door to Carter and Vicky, guns blazing. But instead an older woman opens the door, insisting she does not know Vicky.

Meanwhile, the President and his wife are horrified when they are contacted by the enemy through a phone placed in their young son’s backpack. They are told that if they do not release Sophia and the other detainees, that people will die. Outraged, the president confronts Sophia, claiming that if their friendship ever meant anything to her, she must tell him the truth now. Reluctantly, she reveals that the man who contacted him is named Thomas, and that while he is one of her people, the two of them have always disagreed on how to co-exist with humans. She also explains that he must give Thomas what he wants, or the consequences will be great.

We discover that the passengers of the flight are very much alive, but are experiencing some side effects after being transported instantly from Miami to the Arizona desert. None of them can remember the event, and toward the end of the episode, they all begin experiencing nose bleeds. Leila’s father Michael is questioned about who was behind the attempted murder of the president, and he is only able to remember Vicky’s name.

While Collier is hitting a dead end with the woman who claims she doesn’t know Vicky, Sean finds a young boy living in the house. Putting two and two together, he realizes that this boy, Adam, is Vicky’s son. He shows Adam a picture of Vicky, and the young boy confirms the truth. Sean confronts the woman, and she reveals that Vicky is her daughter. Though hesitant to reveal Vicky’s whereabouts, she gives them information about where to reach her in the case of dire emergency.

In the final minutes of the episode, we find that Leila has managed to escape, shooting Vicky and running into a police officer. Once she is taken to the station, however, it appears that no one believes her story. She calls Sean, but because his phone is dead, she is forced to leave a tearful message pleading for him to come find her. It is only after this call that it is revealed that one of the officers is in the on the plot, and that Carter and Vicky have set up Leila’s escape in order to capture the real threat to their operation, Sean, who has begun to put the pieces together.

Although the set-up of Sean’s capture seemed a little bit far-fetched, it will be very interesting to see if he falls in to the trap, or discovers what they are planning before arriving. Have you been watching? What do you think is going to happen next?

Find out next week on The Event, airing on Monday at 9 pm on NBC.

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