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Written by Meg M.

Monday’s The Event began with increased, strange symptoms for the passengers of the flight that transported to Arizona, a reminder that Thomas intends to deliver on his promise to kill more people if the president does not release the detainees, including Sophia.

While the president does not want to see more people harmed, he also does not want to release the detainees into the free world without fully understanding their motivations and purpose for being on earth. Finally deciding to play hard ball, he threatens Thomas, claiming that if he does not receive an antidote for the passengers, he will kill all of the detainees, including their ring leader, Sophia.

Meanwhile, Sean finally receives the message Leila left for him on his phone, and rushes to save her. Leila realizes that she is in the middle of a trap, and she has lured Sean to his death. Before she can escape, however, she is caught by the crooked police officers, and comes to face to face with Vicky and Carter.

When Sean and Agent Collier arrive at the police station, by miraculous intervention Sean receives a call, telling him that a trace on Vicky’s phone indicates that she is in the station where Leila is being held. Realizing that he is about to be trapped, Sean also knows that he can’t bear to leave Leila behind. And that’s when he decides to attack Vicky where it really hurts, sending her a photo of her son, Adam.

Unbeknownst to Sean, the boy in Vicky’s care is not her son, but it certainly doesn’t make him any less important to her. In a flashback, we discover that Vicky took the boy when he was a baby. She was unable to kill him when she was ordered to murder his family and burn down the house to conceal her involvement. In present day, Vicky realizes that if her employers were to discover the truth about Adam, that she spared him, she and the boy would be dead. So she proves, at last, that she does have a heart, killing her conspirators and allowing Sean and Leila the chance to escape. So Sean and Leila ride off together at last, with Agent Collier and a captured Carter in tow.

In the final moments of the episode, Thomas responds to the president’s ultimatum, nearly allowing the president to kill the detainees. But Thomas has a change of heart, claiming that he will give the antidote in exchange for the release of one of the detainees, Sophia. The president reluctantly agrees, and Sophia is placed on a train by herself to meet up with Thomas. Even while the antidote is administered, and the passengers begin to show signs of recovery almost immediately, we can’t help but wonder if this was the end game all along. Will Thomas convince Sophia to follow his plans, or will Sophia deliver on her promise to the president and persuade Thomas to stop his violence against humans?

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