I shop online a LOT. I travel for work 4 days out of the week so if I can avoid going to the stores and save some time by shopping online, I will. Majority of my experiences are very pleasant and I have many tried and true online retailers that I keep returning to. However, once in a while I do have a shopping experience that leaves me very disappointed…and very motivated to share my experience with others in order to spare them the aggravation.

I was very excited to find EricDress.com since I often need occasion dresses and do not always want to spend hundreds of dollars on them. The website offers cocktail, prom and occasion dresses at a fraction of the price, and even offers custom dresses made to your size specifications. I did know the dresses were coming from China – which I’m always somewhat skeptical of – but with so many glowing buyer reviews on the site, I figured I’d give them a try.

10961871_4I decided to order a custom made dress and chose the one pictured on the left (obviously, I knew I would not be getting THE dress that Blake Lively wore, but thought it’d be a good replica).

Delivery took about 3 weeks as EricDress.com indicated, so no problems there. But, the dress I received was an absolute disaster. Even my mom, an experienced seamstress, threw up her hands and said there was nothing she could do with this mess of a dress.

Where do I start? I ordered a brown dress like the one pictured and received one that has multiple colors in varying shades of pink, orange and burgundy. The dress pictured does not have a belt; the one I received has a gaudy pink satin sewn-on belt that does not even match the rest of the fabric or the dress in general. The dress pictured looks light and airy; the one I received probably weighs 10 lbs and has so many unnecessary layers that it’s almost impossible to zip it up. There’s just so much fabric in general that it makes the dress look like a size 12 instead of the 6 that I usually wear. I ordered a dress that was supposed to be made to my size specifications. What I received was 3 inches too big in the waist and twice as big as I indicated in the bust. The halter-like piece around the neck was so tight I couldn’t put it on without choking.

Here are some photos of the dress I received:


I have contacted EricDress.com to ask for a refund and offered to return the dress, but they are putting me through the ringer by requesting photos and asking for proof that the dress is too big. Not exactly sure how I am supposed to prove that the dress is big… They did offer me a discount on another order, but I am not planning on shopping with them again.

To add to my annoyance, when I tried to add my feedback to the listing for the dress – feedback that was obviously not positive – it went into an approval queue (supposedly) but was never posted. This makes me believe that they carefully screen their feedback and only allow positive comments to actually post to the site. So much for relying on customer opinions!

All in all, my experience with EricDress.com was a huge bust and if they won’t let me post my feedback on their site, at least I can share it here.