I’ve finally broken down and decided it was time for me to buy an eReader. I still love print books and will continue to build my library, but an eReader will be much more convenient to use while traveling.

So now the question is should I get the new Kindle 3G or the Barnes & Noble Nook 3G?

Here’s what appeals to me about the Kindle:

  • The no glare screen
  • Battery charge can last up to a month with wireless off
  • Great contrast
  • Fast uploading time – about 60 seconds
  • Free 3G web browsing

Here’s what appeals to me about the Nook:

  • The Nook supports formats like ePUB, so I can get books from the local library
  • Color screen (but it does eat up the battery life)
  • Replaceable battery
  • I can share and lend books with others who have compatible devices

Any thoughts? Suggestions?