December 9, 2011 Selection – from Alisha Churbe

Emily’s Ghost by Denise Giardina

A favorite..not easy. Though I did narrow it down to what book I’d want to find under the tree to read during time off between Christmas and the New Year in front of the fire. My choice may have been different for a tropical destination (State of Wonder (read the review) would have won for that), though this book could work for both.

Denise Giardina’s Emily’s Ghost is still with me many months after the last page. I have picked up other novels by her because I crave her storytelling. Her research and period detailing is impeccable. I have read alot of historical fiction where the story was lacking details to hold my attention or where the characters were held at such a distance it was hard to get engaged. Giardina’s retelling (and filling in) of the Bronte’s story is truly amazing.

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