I have an amazing team of reviewers here at LuxuryReading.com, but every now and then, people don’t work out. Recently, I had to let go of a reviewer and the “termination” did not go over quite well. We talked back and forth about a review she claimed she wrote and sent to me several times – I never received it. I asked her to please send it by Friday since she said she has already written it. Maybe somewhere along the line I missed her telling me that the account she sent me the review from was hacked into, but I don’t believe her response was at all warranted.

I will not discuss the name of this particular reviewer, but wanted to share her e-mail (no part of this e-mail has been altered). I felt I was calm and professional in all my e-mails to this individual; many of you receive e-mails from me – please tell me if I’m anything but. I guess I do not understand how someone can think it’s OK to respond in such a manner.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wow! Deaf or dumb?!? If you read my emails, I’ve told you SEVERAL times that my account was hacked. I have NOTHING on my email. Not even CONTACTS. The only reason I even have your email is because you emailed me. The review is in my Word program on MY computer, which won’t turn on. It is at Staples getting fixed. And like I said, it is my 35th birthday on Saturday so I will not be wasting my time on a book review for someone who doesn’t even know how to give proper instructions.

If I get my computer back tomorrow I will send the review tomorrow. If I get it back Saturday, I will send the review on Sunday by noon. I am NOT WASTING my time on my birthday, while I’m spending time with family and friends, to take time out for a book review for you. If the book review is that important and you claim that you know enough about the books that you’ve been able to edit the reviews, then you shouldn’t have any trouble writing the review yourself. I’m not sure what part of MY COMPUTER WON’T TURN ON is difficult to understand or what part of this is the 6th time I’ve ben HACKED is hard to understand.

No one has ever complained Vera because your emails come across as so bitchy, no one DARES to say anything to you. Maybe you should try being nice to the people who are trying to HELP you.

I don’t want to hear from you again. You will have your review one way or another by noon on Sunday. If that is not good enough you can send me your address and I will return your book to you. Don’t contact me again or, like I said before, I will take proper action to protect myself against your harassment. If I receive another email from you, with anything other than an address (if you want your book back) I won’t even respond to it. I will contact whoever I need to in order to protect myself.”