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Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova (Luxury Reading)

Kate’s best friend, Elizabeth, was headed for an art class in Mexico when her plane crashed in Queens, New York, leaving no survivors. Although that plane crash was soon forgotten in the wake of September 11th, Elizabeth’s death left an unimaginable in the lives of her husband, her three young children, and of course, Kate.

A year later, Kate is headed to Great Rock Island with her own family for the annual vacation. Her restorative time is weighed down by the bequest Elizabeth made in her will before she died. Since she was a young girl, Elizabeth kept journals and left the entirety of these to Kate.

As Kate cracks open the trunk full of journals and begins reading, she uncovers a woman very different from the one she thought she knew. She learns of Elizabeth’s difficult upbringing, of a sister that Elizabeth never mentioned, of her path to marriage and motherhood, and finally, of a mysterious man that figured larger than life in her friend’s life.

With every page, Elizabeth’s secrets make Kate – who has her own doubts about her marriage – question the choices she has made and how those will affect the way she is remembered when she is gone. And with every page, she questions how well she really knows those close to her when she had no idea where her best friend was really headed on the day of her death.

The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. by Nichole Bernier was the perfect book to enjoy on a warm summer day. Elizabeth’s journals were interspersed among Kate’s narrative, and allowed me to get to know both women – and both were equally compelling. The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. was not what I would typically call a juicy read, but it was almost quietly so as Elizabeth’s journals revealed one bombshell after another. And while the journals made Elizabeth’s life an open book, Kate’s life choices were not as obvious, but no less interesting.

A fascinating book that will make the readers wonder about the things their own loved ones reveal, and those they choose to conceal.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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