Reviewed by Claudia R.

Eight Days in Darkness: The True Story of the Abduction, Rape, and Rescue of Anita Wooldridge of Anita Wooldridge by Angela Roegner and Anita Woodridge takes readers, in intimate detail, through the horror and violence of the eight days Anita was held captive. Written with the help of her therapist, Anita gives an insider glimpse of the moments leading up to and subsequent days of her abduction, and the emotional and physical toll they took upon her and everyone in her life.

This isn’t a book for everyone. Every detail of her torture, including sexual acts, are described in great length. Written as a healing tool as well as a way to demonstrate the cruelty and disgustingly perverse mind of her captor, Eight Days in Darkness relives for the readers the hell of each day and the effects on family, friends and authorities as they desperately sought to find Anita, alive.

Abducted from her home by a casual acquaintance, Anita is forced to sleep in a locked metal cabinet, as well as stay in it when ‘the mole’ (her captor) could not watch her. Surrounded by squalor and filth, Anita must perform the most degrading acts as well as entertain her captor in an effort to survive; prayer and determination are the only weapons she possesses.

Readers are introduced to the team that worked diligently to track her down and save her, as well as friends and family and the ripple affects of the abduction on a small town. No one is innocent, everyone is a suspect, every lead followed, no matter how bizarre or far fetched with one common goal: finding Anita alive.

The writing isn’t spectacular, alas. Religion, God and prayer is sprinkled liberally and without limits throughout. I struggled a few times with both, because for me, it made the story even more, too much more, personal. But I understand that Anita experienced a living hell few can claim, and helped write this book as a means to demonstrate the hate and love, good and evil that exists in the world. As well as providing a case study for the FBI which is still used today as a training tool.

[amazonify]0984076034[/amazonify]This is as real as it gets, however, and anyone anticipating a light, bare bones read won’t find it here. Dark, scary and no holes barred, Eight Days drags readers in to Anita’s hell and the ensuing struggle that only victims of such heinous crimes can understand.

Still healing, Anita has begun to move on from this part of her life and shares her tale through public appearances and lectures, opening heart and soul to the public in an attempt to protect and prevent future attacks. For those interested in the human mind in all it’s shapes and incongruities, this is a must read.

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