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About the book

Set in 1897 Milwaukee and California’s Big Sur in the last years of America’s frontier and the early years of the women’s movement, The Edge of the Earth is the story of Trudy Schroeder, a Midwestern girl whose parents have laid out a future for her with tender care, as if they were smoothing the white coverlet over her rosewood bed. When she graduates from the Milwaukee College for Females, she’ll marry her childhood friend and move into a house a few blocks from the one in which she grew up. She knows she should be pleased, but she’s restless instead, yearning for something she lacks even the vocabulary to articulate. Trudy finds herself choosing another path, landing on the isolated, jagged coast of California’s Big Sur and a resident of the lighthouse that stands off its forbidding cliff. When you’re landlocked, you can see the horizons and your possibilities seem limited. When you’re on the edge of the earth, quite literally, the possibilities are endless. Here, Trudy will make her own choices. And here she’ll uncover secrets and make discoveries that will alter the course of her life.

On a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, Christina Schwarz spotted the light station on its massive rock that seems to rise out of the ocean. “It began to haunt me,” says the author. “The ruggedness of the landscape—the way the lighthouse clings to the side of its own mountain—and the loneliness of the buildings on a very isolated coast are striking. Later, when I found out that more than one family lived at the light station at a time, I knew it was the ideal setting for a novel—a dramatic and difficult place where characters would have to grapple with one another, because they were forced to be alone together. With only that in mind, I moved to Big Sur for a few months and hoped a story would come to me.”

Gorgeously detailed, swiftly paced, and anchored in a precise and lush sense of place and time, this novel of self-transformation—in which a woman transcends the expectations of society and family to discover who she is meant to be—will captivate readers with its vivid and uneasy atmosphere and the sense of foreboding that brushes every page.

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