944519_537804936281844_1712610244_nReviewed by Alyssa Katanic

As a mom of six kiddos, I can attest to how different and how loved each individual is. You have your athletic kids, and the not-so-athletic ones who are really great with story telling, those who love to dance, and others who will bring you a snack and drink because you might just be hungry, those who love to cook, and those who love to fix things with Daddy. They each have their specialties, but no one is loved only for that specialty. They are loved for being and enjoyed as they are and as they grow. Michelle Worthington brings this idea to life for children in her book Each the Same.

Each the Same is a beautiful picture book that shows a farmer, his farm full of animals and the jobs they preform on the farm, and his two children who love squishing around in the mud just like the piggies do. Throughout the book, each animal is introduced, their job on the farm is described, they are contrasted to another animal on the farm, and the conclusion is made that, “They are each very different, but special. The farmer loves each of them the same.”

I usually do not like the “everybody is special” line that is given to children. They will often come back with their own, “That just means that no one is ‘Special’.” I can’t disagree with that. Being “special” in that sense becomes generic and meaningless. However, in Each the Same, Worthington points out a specific aspect of each animal that makes them different, needed, enjoyed, and truly special. Lastly, she introduces the farmer’s children, that they, too, are different, special, and loved by the farmer, which brings to light the point of her book: Each one of us has different likes, talents, and enjoyable aspects, each of us is special for those specific reasons (and many more), and each of us is loved.

Along with an introduction to farm animals, the jobs they do, and the over-arching message of the book, Each the Same has beautiful and creative artwork that incorporates sketching, watercolor, and photography. I love picture books that incorporate photography in such a way that it doesn’t stand out bluntly, yet the texture it shows adds so much to the page. Ann-Marie Finn did a great job with these illustrations! You will love looking through Each the Same with your kiddos just as much as you will enjoy reading together and talking about what makes them special and how, “They are each very different but special. (Mom and Dad) loves them each the same.” Enjoy!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Alyssa Katanic is a wife and homeschooling mother of 6 children under 10 years old. She loves reading and collecting great books to share with others and knows that one can never have too many!

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