drop in book coverReviewed by Richard Wisniewski

In 2017, social conditioning has programmed a society into a state of complete distraction. While many may have resistance to this notion, it’s true. In so many cases, people have complicated their lives to a place where complications, complexities, busyness, and stress seem normal. In fact, for some corrupt reason, people actually value their self-worth as a worker by how much stress they have. And these complexities of life and the constant state of busyness have caused people to, by default, stay in auto-pilot mode, as Sara Harvey Yao describes. Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage is the perfect book for anyone seeking to truly focus on the here and now. 

When I received this book to review, I was more than honored and deeply appreciative for the opportunity! I am an avid reader of this topic: present moment awareness. For many people, who are often in auto-pilot mode, the concepts of present moment awareness and presence often sound like storybook quotes, along the lines of “seeing life with rose-colored glasses.” In her book, Yao has perfectly portrayed the realistic truth behind these thoughts: they are the product of the low-mind. Living in a culture where no one is taught about their thoughts and emotions, many people have come to believe that they are indeed their thoughts and emotions. Yao’s book correlates and teaches the reader how thoughts and emotions are purely content inside of a vast context.

The entire book is divided into two parts to help guide the reader through their own personal journey. To start, Yao explains to the reader the concept of auto-pilot mode and why many people are stuck in this phase. I believe one of my favorite parts of this book is how she gently guides the reader along here. She understands how many people may have resistance to her message; however, through presenting them with the Truth, her guidance can help those understand present-moment awareness and presence. In that, she continues here by teaching the reader about present-moment awareness and exercises to begin the process towards dropping in. The concept of “drop-in” is the idea of tuning into the present-moment or presence by reaching a state of context rather than content.

“Courage is being radically honest with yourself about what you know. When you drop into presence and awareness, information reveals itself. The question then becomes: do you want to acknowledge the information and align your external life to what you know?” – Sara Harvey Yao

The second half of the book is dedicated to accessing clarity in your life through utilizing presence. With dozens upon dozens of examples, that are easily relatable to every single reader, Yao is able to explain how presence is the solution, the cure: everything! Regardless what situations may be happening in someone’s life, present moment awareness and presence is there for them.

In my opinion, this book is essential for every single human being to read. There are so many people who are missing the most beautiful parts of life because they are too distracted and living in a place of unconsciousness and controlled by the low-mind. I mean, have you had moments where you don’t remember what you did or said? For most of us, it happens every single day! Time is simply an illusion. What happens to many people is that they are trapped in their past or the future–both of which don’t exist in present time. This book is geared towards changing your life by dropping into the only thing there is: presence. By doing so, you can lead your life in a brand-new way: deep presence and courage.

With a BA in History, Economics and Spanish, Richard is an avid writer and a passionate reader. With a love for all genres of books, Richard appreciates the art of writing and the love an author puts into a project. Richard began to expand his craft upon partnering with numerous companies across the globe. Currently, Richard is preparing to launch a co-creation project all about living your best life and in the process of writing a series of books.

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