dreams of distant shores book coverReviewed by Jamie Friddle

Dreams of Distant Shores by Patricia A. McKillip is unique, captivating, and a work of art. The fantasy writer certainly paints intricate scenes that draw the reader in from the first sentence. McKillip transports us to different dimensions throughout the collection, from a young artist who is in love with his art and the model who posed for the art, to a witch that takes on the role of being a sea goddess’ host body for a hundred years, among many other short stories.

My favorite short story, though hard to choose, is “Weird”. “Weird” is about two adults who bar themselves in a bathroom full of gourmet food while an ancient being (or beings) torments them on the other sides of the walls. The being bangs and growls, makes the walls shake and the foundation shudder, but cannot get into the bathroom. While in the bathroom, the man asks the girl about the weirdest thing that has ever happened to her and she shares a few stories. But the man is not satisfied with stories about other people–he wants to know about something that has actually happened to her. Surprisingly, the man recognizes the final story she tells and realizes he was part of the experience she describes. The short story leaves you wondering what happens and wanting there to be more–an intense cliff hanger.

I highly recommend this book to any lover of fantasy, or even mythology. A fantastic read for people of all ages, although better suited for adults. I found the short stories to be exhilarating and very thought provoking. You definitely have to be giving this book your full attention! I give this collection a rating of 4/5, with individual stories a 3.5 to 5!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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