Reviewed by Carrie Ardoin

Helen’s life has gotten progressively harder ever since she found out that she was a Scion, or demigod. In fact, her life has never been harder or more complicated. Helen is a Descender, which means she is the only one who can travel nightly down to the Underworld to try to put a stop to the Furies’ incessant tormenting of the Delos clan. She just wants to help Lucas and his cousin Hector…but the Delos family is not the only faction that needs her to succeed. There are ancient, malevolent forces conspiring against all the Scion houses. And the very thing they want is what Lucas and Helen, whose love is forbidden because they are cousins, are fighting so hard against. Help and betrayal come from unexpected places in this thrilling sequel to Starcrossed.

Dreamless was so, so much better than its’ predecessor. I liked that it focused a lot more on Helen and her own journey than the relationship arc.

In the first book I felt like Lucas was always coming to Helen’s rescue, and I’m glad to find that she really stood up for herself in Dreamless. She was relentless in her quest in the Underworld, even when it looked like she could no longer take another sleepless night. Helen really worked hard on doing what needed to be done, and I respect her so much for that.

There were also some very interesting changes happening with the rest of the Delos family. I’m so happy that Helen’s best friends, Matt and Claire, have been brought into the fold. Even though it may mean more danger for the two mortals, they are fully committed to helping Helen…and the fact that they are falling for the Delos twins doesn’t hurt. Lucas, who is struggling with the fact that he cannot be with Helen, eventually goes toward a very dark place during the span of this novel. I’m very intrigued to see what will happen to him from here on out…because once you invite darkness in, you usually cannot rid yourself of it.

As in the first book, my favorite thing about Dreamless was the fresh twist it gave to ancient Greek legends. This story is of course rooted in what happens to the gods, but it’s not ALL ABOUT the gods. Helen and the rest of the Delos family are not about to go down without a fight…and a big fight is surely coming.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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