Reviewed by Jenna A.

Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world in search of new lands for England. In essence, he was Queen Elizabeth’s own private pirate. When a man in California Bay discovers the plate that once claimed Drake’s Bay for England, conspiracy ensues. However, the Ballentines, the family that has this allegedly real artifact knows that nothing can validate this discovery except the lost log books of Drake himself.

T.A. Roberts bring history to life when Ethan Storey, a history professor, and his girlfriend Kay, a property attorney, get in the middle of a feud between the Willems and the Ballestines, long standing rivals since Nazi Germany. The plot starts its upward battle when Ethan is hired to archive the Willems library and Kay is hired by the Ballestine’s to find the lost log books.

Ethan quickly realizes he must find Drake’s log books and uncover the truth before everything he knows and loves is destroyed. Filled with plot twists, multple climactic scenes, love, betrayl, murder and a heavy doses of history, Drake’s Bay is a story that leaves the reader wanting more.

Roberts writes as if he, himself was taking part in the story. Strong visuals and  intelligent language abound,  and the author shows his knowledge with well written historical monologues and expertly dialouged conversations. Drake’s Bay is a novel that shows that sometimes getting more then you bargained for can be a very, very good thing. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who has a passion for well written literature.

Jenna lives in a small town in Ohio with her fiance and cat Osiris. Along with her passion for reading and the literary world, she is also a painter, poet, fiction writer, and amateur photographer.

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