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About the book (from www.downwarddogupwardfog.com)

Downward Dog, Upward Fog was written for spiritually-seeking women like you, who want to see yourself and your passions reflected in the novels you read.

Lorna Crawford has a great boyfriend, longtime friends, and a well-paying job as special-events coordinator at a premium ice-cream manufacturer. But, out of sorts and filled with self-doubt, what the 33 year old realizes she really wants is to stay on the spiritual path she keeps diving off of.

Lorna jump-starts her efforts at a silent yoga retreat. But after returning she loses her connection in the face of scheming coworkers, judgmental girlfriends, and, especially, her overly critical mother. Lorna also wrestles over her future with her boyfriend, a hot guy who takes her to the hottest places, but who can’t discern a meditation cushion from a toad stool.

Reading spiritual books and visiting a channeler and energy healer move Lorna forward, but her confusion remains. Lorna’s seeking is put to the ultimate test when tragedy strikes. Will she come to truly understand that living spiritually has little to do with how you pretzel yourself on the yoga mat (although she gets plenty good at that, too), and everything to do with embracing the twists in everyday life?

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