9780804137447_custom-2f8bb1b8fec47cbe91a82b5b286ac7e61e1304c7-s6-c30Reviewed by Lindsay Yocum

The Divorce Papers is a long book but it’s written in such a way that it goes by way too quickly. It follows the increasingly messy divorce between Mia and her award winning doctor husband, Daniel through correspondence. That’s right. There’s not an actual “story line” this book follows and I think that is why I enjoyed it so much. We learn of things after they happen, not while they happen, and you can’t help but feel like you’ve received the emails/letters yourself by mistake and can’t you help but sneak a peek into the drama.

The Divorce Papers was such a neat book in general. I’ve read books where the story line was complimented with letters, but they’re usually in the same mundane font; Susan Rieger had pretty much a different template for each email and handwritten note in this book. It was just compiled together so nicely. I really enjoyed that. At times I felt like I was reading someone’s diary. It was awesome.

The characters in the story were quite witty. Mia chooses Sophie, a criminal attorney, rather than your “run of the mill” standard family law attorney she met with her for her initial consultation. Sophie was all around adorable. You truly fall in love with her in this book. She is so quick witted and full of spunk, and quite hysterical. She tried so hard to get out of doing the divorce case, and you felt her agony, but at the same time rooted for her to succeed.

Mia chose Sophie because of her inexperience in family law; the whole divorce thing was new to Mia as well and she wanted someone who would learn along with her. Sophie’s personality was also unlike any family law attorney’s Mia met–in a good way. Sophie actually engaged herself in the case, and questioned everything to make sure she didn’t miss a beat.

Then there was Dan, Sophie’s boss and lead family law attorney, who acted more like a mentor and I couldn’t help but swoon over the subconscious flirtation between them.

As I’ve said before, I had so much fun reading this book. It was a great read, and I think almost everyone would enjoy it. I give this book a 4 rating, and I urge you to give it a read. You won’t be sorry!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Lindsay Yocum resides in California with her 5 year old firecracker daughter, Bear, and her hilarious husband. She spends her free time traveling, baking, ruining DIY crafts she finds on Pinterest, and running, when she isn’t nose deep in a book.

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