Reviewed by Amanda B.

From the first sentence to the last, sixteen year old Hailey tells the reader a story that is both incredibly vivid and descriptive about life with her family. Her mother is resistant to overcoming the pain from her miscarriage, and her father is drunk and jobless, leaving Hailey and her older brother to raise themselves.

Hailey struggles with her beliefs in God while her brother denies God completely. He is in and out of trouble and heading down the wrong road with a bad older crowd. Hailey shakes her magic eight ball for answers, but will the eight ball lead her down the right path or will she become a dirty little angel?

The book starts out very slow and while very descriptive, it lacks writing skills. The story is set in 2009, but gives off an impression of an older era. Dirty Little Angels was a decent debut novel, but a very obvious first attempt at writing a book. There were too many choppy sentences, not a lot of depth to the writing, and too much focus on descriptive words.

Somewhere in the middle, Hailey grew on me and by the end of the book I wanted to hear more of what she was going though. However, right as the story hit its climax, it just ended, unfinished. I can only hope there is a sequel or else I will be left with many unanswered questions.

Amanda resides in North West Georgia and is a mother of two young boys. She received a degree in Early Childhood Education, specializes in computers and runs a daycare. She is hardly ever found without a book in her a hand, reading at least five books a week.